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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ajeet S Patil 2722 /

Ajeet S Patil said

Dear sir, Nice to receive updates from you on regular basisa bout the school, activities happening and the latest updates. As has been always, you are giving in best of your efforts to make all Ajeets updated using the latest of technology. Kudos to you sir. I tried posting my comments on the blog, however was not successful. A suggestion from my side which youmay please consider. You may please consider it a ssuggestion only and you remain the best judge to decide for or against it. 1. Use of CAPS for entire body of the blog. I feelu sing CAPS all along makes it slightly unreadable. The seriousness is lost.2. As you post the URL of the blog, if you include ashort description of latest addition, will help us in navigating thro the blog more so looking at what was latest addition. I once again appreciate the efforts undertaken by you. Thank you for the endeavour to keep us posted. Warm Regards,Ajeet"Ajeet S Patil"